Monday, February 26

Amartya Sen and IT Industry

Giving the keynote address at the NASSCOM 2007 India Leadership Forum in Mumbai on 7 February 2007 Amartya Sen talks about the moral imperative for the IT sector to feel some responsibility towards making India a more equitable country

My point is not that the IT industry should do something for the country at large, for that it does anyway... rather, is that it can do even more, indeed in some ways, much more.

Why assume there is any obligation at all for IT to do anything other than minding its own business? I think part of the [reason] for human interest in justice and equity...lies in reciprocity....

IT has benefited from

...the visionary move, originally championed by Jawaharlal Nehru, to develop centres of excellent technical education in India i.e. IITs, IIMs.

...the nature of Indian society and traditions [that] have tended to support the pursuit of specialized excellence

...a general attitude of openness in India to influences from far and near - of admiring excellence no matter where it is produced.

...the love of mathematics that has inspired so many young Indians throughout history,

...many ways Indian IT has depended on what we can call TI, that is, "talkative Indians."

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