Thursday, March 8

Tough Interview

More often than not interviewers on Indian Television are servile, squeamish, hagiographical when it comes to politicians, powerful bureaucrats, and big-successful businessmen.

Here is an exception...Udayan Mukherjee on CNBC interviewing Kamal Nath, questioning him on the government's moves to control cement prices. I wish we had more of this.

Good show... Udayan.

But the question still remains: Why is Government targeting cement companies...

is it because mid last year cement companies reneged on their promise to reduce prices

or is it a surgical move to burst the real estate bubble

or a fear of cartelization since 40% of capacity is owned by the top 4 players

or if this was indeed a move to counter inflation it has clearly backfired as cement companies hiked prices in defiance

I hope this is as Surjit Bhalla says a sign of the rise of markets and decline of dangerous "populist" politicians used to passing on orders of the high command.

Clearly politicians and media owe us better answers and insights

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