Tuesday, March 17

Nandan "stepping up"

It is very interesting to note that Nandan (Co-Chairman of Infosys) links to a scathing Atlantic Monthly article on Narendra Modi and critices Mayawati & BJP for their divisive politics.

While most captains of industry generally tend to stick to broad obsequiousness, atleast publicly, when it comes to policitians it is refreshing to note that somebody is standing up. Even though it suspiciously coincides with his US book tour. Nothing like a little controversy to get a promotional book tour going!!

While the cynic in me notes that Congress party is missing and thus signalling his political ambitions or at least a bias or hopefully it is a genuine appeal for tolerance and for leaders with "Universal Appeal", and if that is too much, atleast lets have status quo and ineffective coalitions.

And it is about time. The ugly speech by Varun Gandhi deserves stronger language and any person with any conscience and voice has to stand up and speak. The sheer irony of Varun speaking of "cutting necks and hands" when his mother Menaka Gandhi is the biggest champion against cruelty towards animals. This is just the tip of the growing intolerance against so called “western values”, “Christian conversions”, “muslim terrorists” & “lower castes reservations”.

While it has been always been assumed that China will have the rockier path to being a modern, developed, democratic society; I believe it is India that has bigger demons to exorcise before it reaches the goal of modern tolerant genuinely democratic society.

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