Wednesday, January 11

IT+BPO Combined Power

Integrating IT and Operational Resources for Continuous Improvement
By Krishnan Narayanan & Jacob Varghese

Managers have to look beyond the myopic silos of business transactions, IT applications and infrastructure and take a holistic view of business processes that includes all three components

As organizations begin to focus on generating long term value from offshore outsourcing, the emphasis has shifted from tactical cost reduction to sustainable continuous business process improvement. This has triggered a number of discussions about the merits of combining IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). So far managers have made a clear distinction between outsourcing operations vs. IT systems within business processes. Since outsourcing has been viewed as a tactical make vs. buy decision, businesses have ended up outsourcing components of a single business process to disparate service providers. What are the relative merits of an integrated IT and BPO approach? How it can be achieved for optimal results?.

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