Wednesday, January 18

Wall Street Tech Stories

Current market capitalization of companies is a function of future expectations. It is the best mechanism of quantifying the (smartest) collective judgement of people who are voting with their money.

Below is a market cap (as of Jan 18 2005) of key competitors and they do tell a story

Dell vs. Apple

Apple: $71.39B (Revenue: $13.93B)
DELL: $71.5B (Revenue: $54.18B)

Apple has a future, Dell might not

Oracle vs SAP

Oracle: $64.22B (Revenue $12.89B)
SAP: 56.94B (Revenue: $9.9B)

It's a tie

Google vs. Yahoo

Google: $138.05B (Revenue: $5.25B)
Yahoo: $56.91B (Revenue: $4.83B)

Advantage Google

Microsoft vs IBM

Microsoft: $287.3B (Revenue: $40.34B)
IBM: $131.10B (Revenue: $94.28B)

Products is a better business than Services

IT services

Accenture : $17.55B (Revenue: $17.57B)
EDS: $12.71B (Revenue: $20.51B)
Infosys: $19.82B (Revenue: $2.01B)

Infosys has beaten Accenture & EDS

Google vs. Microsoft

Google: $138.05B (Revenue: $5.25B)
Microsoft: $287.3B (Revenue: $40.34B)

Who Knows??

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